Halloween creeps over Fuquay

As Halloween decorations begin to pop up and people prepare for this holiday, it’s about time to start planning out what costumes to wear. Although some people have grown out of the tradition, many students here at Fuquay-Varina High School already have big plans for this Halloween, including what costumes they’re going to wear.  

The notorious Walter White is, surprisingly,  a common costume idea. Senior Karen Romero-Garcia plans on dressing up as the popular character and going trick or treating.

 “It’s one night a year where we can dress up and get candy, and what better holiday than that? But I feel like Halloween is played out just to be a kids’ holiday. But it is one to enjoy by all,” said Romero-Garcia. I couldn’t agree more. Halloween does get written off as a kids’ holiday, but there shouldn’t be an age limit on dressing up and having fun.

Another Halloween costume idea I heard was a grasshopper. This adorable idea came from senior Paige Cornelious.

“I want to be a grasshopper because it’s fun, it’s different, and it’s something special I get to do with my best friend. It’s socially acceptable for it to be as ridiculous as we want,” said Cornelious. It’s clear the students here have a passion for Halloween and having fun with this day that only comes once a year.

Now if you need some costume ideas, I have some recommendations. If you and your friends want to be cute and spooky, you and your pals can dress as the Monster High crew. If you’re a couple, Shrek and Fiona could be a fun idea. The previously mentioned Walter White is a personal favorite idea of mine, but if you want to dress up as someone else who is also bald, Pitbull could be really fun, especially if you do it in a group of people with the same costume.

Personally, I plan on dressing up as Shorty from “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” and going out trick or treating with some friends. But whatever you do this Halloween, remember to stay safe, have fun, and stay spooky.