Top five worst roads in Fuquay

There is no feeling that can fill someone up with frustration and anger faster than being stuck in traffic. Seeing the light change from red to green and not being able to just move a few feet forward can fill a person with so much frustration and defeat. It’s a horrible experience that we’ve all lived through, whether you’re the passenger or the driver. Fuquay has its fair share of traffic and bad roads to be stuck on, ranging from country backroads to large city roads.


Old Honeycutt Road- 

Since Willow Springs High School is right next to Old Honeycutt, there is always so much traffic on this road in the early morning and late afternoon. Turning left from Kennebec onto Old Honeycutt is always stressful when everyone is rushing to go to school or go home. When you make the turn, you know that the one-lane road is always slow and filled with a huge line of cars. Nothing is worse than being late and seeing five cars in front of you and what feels like a million cars behind you. All you can ever do is just stay on high alert, take a few deep breaths, and soon enough you’ll be at your destination. 

N Main Street-

With the street being surrounded by endless fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and small businesses, this road is always congested. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner rush is already hard enough to deal with, but work also gets out around the same time for everyone. Oftentimes there are too many people and not enough road space, so it’s common to just stay stopped and watch the traffic lights pass by and not be able to turn or move forward. 

Kennebec Road-

With the odd three-way intersection, Kennebec is always filled with drivers who never know how to properly navigate it. Some don’t yield to oncoming traffic even when the sign is on their side, which has caused numerous accidents in the small area. With lots of farmers living in neighboring towns, you also have to be aware of tractors and other heavy machinery being on small backroads going 20 mph. It’s already hard enough for people to maneuver, and with inclement weather like rain and snow being mixed in, you must stay cautious of the vehicles around you. 

N Ennis Street-

This road is always busy during the early morning hours and afternoon with the traffic caused by Fuquay Varina Middle School. Cars are often parked on the side lanes as they wait for school to get out which can cause a lot of blockage on roads. With so many turning on Ennis St. to get into the carpool lane, it causes people to be stuck since there isn’t enough room to move. Many people simply go around them in this situation, but you have to be cautious when the road is extremely busy since accidents can happen. Remember to stay calm in these situations, and that this is just a temporary inconvenience.

Ransell Road-

With only one way to enter the student parking lot and carpool lane, Ransell Rd. is always crowded with students and parents. Since everyone is rushing to get into school it can cause long lines when trying to turn onto Bengal Drive. The help of police officers and staff on campus keeps the flow of traffic and can eliminate stress. With people coming from neighboring streets trying to cut the lines of traffic,  drivers need to stay on high alert. Between narrow roads mixed with a bunch of people headed to school, it can be tricky to maneuver at 7 am.

Although these roads can be very stressful and clustered, always remember to take deep breaths and stay focused while driving. Nothing is more important than keeping you, your passengers, and other drivers safe. Be aware of the busy hours of the roads around you and determine the best ways to approach these areas safely.