ECU’s Theta Chi accused of misconduct


Recent allegations have been directed towards East Carolina University’s fraternity, Theta Chi, regarding drink tampering and sexual assault. This isn’t the first time that this fraternity has been accused of sexual assault. For the past three years, Theta Chi has been under serious scrutiny due to the constant allegations being made by survivors of their abuse. Recently, the victims of this fraternity have been coming forward and sharing their stories.

On Sept. 13, the students of ECU received an alert regarding aggravated and sexual assault charges that took place at the Theta Chi fraternity house. In response, students held a protest that night regarding the alleged drink tampering and sexual assault outside of the Theta Chi house. ECU campus security removed the protesters, informing them that for legal reasons they could only protest at the ECU Student Center.

In October of 2020, as well as October of 2021, Theta Chi was under investigation for the same allegations. Protests have been happening off and on for the past three years in an attempt to shut the fraternity down.

ECU student Lillian Yardley says people weren’t shocked at Tuesday’s report because of past allegations, however students remain hopeful that a change will finally come.

“This is the third time that this has happened at Theta Chi Fraternity unfortunately,” Yardley said. “You know the saying three times a charm. We’re hoping maybe the charm for the third time will be to fully look into and stop the actual problem.”

The Tuesday alert says that the drink tampering and sexual assault took place on Aug. 20, 2022.

“Sex offenses are treated with seriousness on our campus. There are free confidential and private resources available to provide supportive measures through both the university disciplinary and criminal processes to all parties,” the alert further states.

Theta Chi headquarters in Indiana sent WITN a statement saying, “Theta Chi Fraternity has been made aware of allegations of drink tampering and sexual assault at East Carolina University. Fraternity staff members have been in contact with ECU administrators and are investigating and gathering facts related to the allegations.”

In the fall of 2021, Theta Chi received a 30-day cease and desist order issued on Nov. 11, restricting all chapter operations of the fraternity at the school, with the exception of official chapter meetings.

But, like with many cases regarding sexual assault, the victim dropped the charges in Febuary. The Greenville Police Department said its investigation into the sexual assault case was “considered closed as the victim decided not to proceed with a criminal investigation.”

Anyone associated with the fraternity refused to speak on the matter. Despite all of these allegations and alleged misconduct they stand by their mission statement which is as follows,

“Theta Chi’s mission is to develop college-age men into successful students, good citizens, lifelong brothers, and resolute leaders.”