Homecoming: Highlights of 2022

The members of the 2022 Homecoming Court have been elected. Students voted throughout last week for their fellow classmates who were nominated to represent them. 

Peyton Harper, Coleson Harvey, Bonnie Hernandez, Sarah Munzenmaier, Sam Prestipino, and Ryan Seaman represented the senior class.

The junior Court included Max Esteves and Malcolm Ziglar.

Deandra Bossman and Miazion Warren were chosen for the sophomores. 

The freshman vote resulted in a three-way tie between Emma Baker, Benjamin Balsley, and Holden Bierman. 

Our Junior Homecoming Court was made up of sophomore Mia Mancini and senior Richard Freeman Jr. 

The class of 2023 will be represented by six finalists. Two of the nominees will officially be chosen for Head of Court and announced at the Homecoming varsity football game on Sept. 29.

It’s an honor to be able to represent the school. I’m most excited about representing the school with my friends,” said Sarah Munzenmaier.

The Homecoming Court is also an opportunity to dress to impress. All of the representatives will be announced during halftime of the game. They will be escorted by their parents or another important person on the field.  

“I’m going to wear my new dress. It’s long and blue. It’s so pretty and my mom is going to do my hair,” said sophomore Mia Mancini.

Homecoming is a great way to show your school spirit and support fellow students who you believe should have a platform. Our nominees this year are very kind, appreciative towards others, and always willing to help their community and school. 

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m honored to be nominated,”  said junior Max Esteves.

The nominees on the court are expected to be well-behaved and kind to their classmates and teachers. 

“I believe that I am a great candidate to run because I’m responsible, respectful, and a loving person. I consider myself outgoing and caring to my classmates and others. Being able to dress up, try something new, and have a good spirit week is what I love the most about Homecoming. I just thank everyone, my cousins, friends, and students who have chosen to vote for me,” said sophomore Deandra Bossman. 

Miazion Warren said, “I think that people should be involved in homecoming because it creates a safe space and responsible leaders.”

As the senior nominees are celebrated and appreciated by their friends and family, being on the homecoming court as a senior is a very sentimental experience to begin their last year.  

Ryan Seaman said, “I feel very grateful for being nominated by my peers, and I appreciate the support they gave me. I really wanted to post pictures and have good memories.” 

There are also nominees supporting each other by running together. 

“I ran because my girlfriend wanted to run with me. I’m very excited to be able to participate in Homecoming with her,” said Sam Prestipino.

Senior Peyton Harper said, “I knew I wanted my best friend Bonnie to win and I wanted to be beside her, so I ran with her. And look, we’re both on the court, so I guess it worked out. I’m not one for the high school cliques like HOCO and Prom but as someone who is essentially living at the school from sun-up to sun-down, It feels nice that I get to represent.”

FVHS is a school that welcomes change and support for others, and being a part of the homecoming court is something th

at these students will never forget.