Students celebrate spirit week on campus

The 2022 Homecoming spirit week has begun. Students across all grade levels have shown up in their outfits designed to demonstrate their school spirit. From onesies to cowboys, and the school colors, the student body has been celebrating spirit week in full.


Tuesday’s theme was pajama day, the classic theme included stuffed animals and blankets if students chose. Students had fluffy pajama pants and vibrant onesies along with a few people bringing large stuffed animals, including a very cuddly alligator.

Wednesday’s theme was “country club or country,” where students could either dress as they came from the golf course or out in the boonies. The country club crowd covered a chunk of the student body, who came to school adorned with polos and the fanciest golf attire. The country crew, conversely, clustered the hallway in ten-gallon hats and cowboy boots.

Thursday was throwback Thursday. From the ‘50s to the ‘90s, students and teachers showed up in their retro outfits. From the prim and proper ‘50s, hippies and rock stars of the ‘60s and ‘70s, and the neon and glitter of the ‘80s, the student body came dressed for the occasion. The teachers dressed out in the ‘90s, some may even have some clothes from when they were in high school for the authentic ‘90s attire.

Friday was scheduled as “Bengal Out,” where students wear different school colors according to grade level. However, due to the remnants of Hurricane Ian, school was canceled. 

Despite the cancellation of Friday’s “Bengal Out,” staff and students alike both dressed out in full for the homecoming spirit week. From Tuesday to Thursday, the halls were filled with the Bengal Spirit.