Learning valuable lessons through school clubs

Clubs can create high school memories that you never expected, bring you closer to the community, and create lifelong friendships. There are a variety of clubs that you may not have known about, so here are a few that could possibly pique your interest. 

The Writing Club helps students further their writing skills. It unites young writers, and they bond over something they feel passionate about. 

Club adviser Katherine Waller said, “Students will have a community to share their writing, workshop ideas, and practice writing techniques.” If you are interested in joining the Writing Club, don’t be hesitant based on your background of writing. All writers are welcome no matter what. Writing is a lifelong skill and that will help in college because you will need to write papers. It could also help in any career that requires writing as a skill. Waller, who is in her second year of running the club, said, “Writing is a lifelong and necessary skill, and I want students to learn and enjoy it.” Members also compete in writing competitions that can help them get a scholarship for college. If students are interested in writing, they should consider joining the Writing Club. Their first meeting is on Sept. 22 in room 4106 for any who are intrigued.

The Drama Club helps students who want to pursue a life of acting or just want to have fun. This club brings students together and helps them learn how to work together. You don’t need any prior experience with theater or acting, the club lets you express yourself. Club members learn how to communicate with others, meet new people, and learn that they are accepted. Club adviser Paige MacGovern would consider the drama club as unique. 

“We come from different walks of life and come together from different areas,” said Macgovern. 

The meetings are president led and you have to participate in the meetings by speaking and by playing games. These games help students learn how to speak for themselves and create a comfortable environment. 

Their first meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 20, and everyone is welcomed. They will also be having a Halloween party on Oct. 25 in room 1401, where they will participate in a costume contest. In November they will be having a fall show, “The Man That Came To Dinner,” which will be held on Nov. 17-19. 

These are great clubs to join, and there are even more that FVHS has to offer. They help you learn valuable lessons, navigate obstacles with the help of others, and also find out what your true passions are. At the end of the day, clubs are meant to be enjoyed and to make fun memories. Don’t hesitate to join a club you’re interested in, and remember to make the most out of your high school experience.