Farewell Mr. McCotter

Anna-Grace Medlin, Editor-in-Chief

On Sept. 6,  FVHS principal Terrance McCotter made the announcement that he would be leaving his current role to become Senior Director of Human Resources for WCPSS.

“It is with mixed emotions that I send you this letter informing you that tonight, the WCPSS Board of Education named me to a new role, Senior Director, Human Resources,” said McCotter. This means Fuquay has, at most, two months left with our beloved principal. 

“You can truly see how proud he is of this school, and his impact on it will never be forgotten,” stated senior Ryan Seamen, leader of the Orange Crush Student Section. “We really appreciate him and the work he did for us. The OC will truly miss McCotter and will never forget him,” said Seamen.

McCotter is moving on to new opportunities, which leaves some pretty big shoes to fill for the next FVHS  principal. 

“I will continue to serve as principal as a transition plan is finalized. As such, my last day at FVHS will be determined soon,” McCotter informed staff, students, and parents, “I can’t give a definite date but my departure will be in up to two months.” 

This news has left many students wondering, who will be the next principal? McCotter assures his school that they will be taken care of.

“A retired principal will come in and take over until a new principal is chosen,” stated McCotter, “I hope everyone who is passionate about Fuquay, just as I am, applies for the position.”

McCotter will, undoubtedly, be missed by all staff, students, and parents. But, Fuquay will use our ROAR resilience and take the tools that McCotter has taught us to leave our mark on Bengal Boulevard. The class of 2023 has faced a pandemic, virtual learning, and the move to a new building, all with our fearless leader, Mr. McCotter, guiding us. After the last few years that have been a whirlwind of ups and downs, many were hoping for a seamless year. But, as we all know, life is filled with unexpected twists and turns. 

“Of course I wanted to be able to finish out the 2022-2023 school year but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen,” stated McCotter, “I’ve definitely learned a lot from being the principal at Fuquay over these four years. I think what I like to remember is the last R in ROAR, resilience.” 

McCotter is in a unique situation. He has been the principal for seven years for many of the students at Fuquay. 

“It’s bittersweet really because I have to do what’s best for my family, but I’ve also been with you guys since you were tiny sixth graders,” said McCotter. Not only is McCotter feeling mixed emotions about his departure, but students are as well.

“I’m happy for him as a person, that he’s moving on to something better. As a student, I’m sad because he’s a really good principal,” stated senior Cooper Adams, “He’s always been really nice and kind. It’s crazy that he’s been my principal for seven years,” said Adams.

McCotter is leaving our school having left his mark on Bengal Boulevard. Every staff member, student, and parent will feel the absence of this remarkable man, but he is leaving Fuquay better than he found it. While McCotter is moving on to a different role, he will always be a Bengal at heart. 

“Fuquay will always be home for me. This is where I started. This is where I’m from. I’m always gonna wear orange,” said McCotter, “This is where I went to school, so it means a lot to me. I hope my kids can wear orange one day.”