Not so new dress code

Selena Butler, News Editor

During the first week of school, each grade level was given a presentation on the new school policies including the “new” dress code. The dress code isn’t really new, but unlike last year, it will be enforced. Prohibited items include durags, clothing with inappropriate messaging, and shirts that show the midriff.

The Wake County Public School handbook states, “Student dress codes are similar to those experienced and expected in the workplace,” implying that dress codes are put into place to upkeep a professional environment. The school dress code states that the policy is enforced so that it keeps from being “distracting to the teaching and learning process.”

Teachers and other staff have been instructed to dress code for students who do not adhere to the standards. Individuals who have been dress-coded will be told to change or cover-up. If you do not have clothing to change into, you will be sent to student services to wait for clothes to be brought to you. Repeat offenders could be subject to more extreme disciplinary measures. 

Assessments like putting three fingers on your tank top straps or raising your hands above your head to see if your stomach shows have been used to see if you are within code, but discretion is left up to the administration.

This has raised concern among some female students, worrying that they may be at a higher risk of being targeted. Junior Leeka Njie said, “I feel like there [aren’t] as many rules for guy students. All the rules apply to things that most girls wear.” Items such as spaghetti straps, halter tops, and skirts that are too revealing are also included on the list of banned clothing. 

Some students believe the dress code is a useful way to prepare them for professional settings after high school. Junior Mariam Hammoud said, “The dress code will set a good example of how to dress for the workplace.” With these expectations in place, students will learn how to follow dress codes in different environments. 

The school recognizes that current fashion is always changing and has included in the dress code that it could always be modified, stating, With ever-changing styles, additional guidelines may be established to help maintain high standards of dress.” 

To assess whether your outfit is within the guidelines, you can find the full dress code by clicking the link ( If you think the clothing you are wearing may be subject to a dress code violation, it is advised to not wear it on campus.