Junior Marshals selected


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Junior Marshals have been selected to help with the 2022 graduation ceremony.

On April 21, 2022, , juniors throughout Fuquay-Varina High School received notification that they had been selected as Junior Marshals for the 2022 graduation ceremony. 

“It is an honor for those juniors to be a part of this final ceremony and recognition for seniors,” announced Diana Tarpley, science teacher at FVHS and Junior Marshall adviser.

“We are proud to invite our 2022 Junior Marshals to participate with us in graduation this year,” stated Tarpley. “The Junior Marshals are the top students in the junior class. They serve to help us with graduation procedures, help the seniors line up for graduation, and they basically run graduation for us.”

The Junior Marshals have an important role in FVHS tradition and in the closure that seniors need for graduation. “They represent the cream of the crop of our junior class,” said Tarpley, complimenting the special few. “It is an honor for those juniors to be a part of this final ceremony and recognition for seniors.” 

Last year, the conditions were different as Junior Marshals assisted graduation in the gymnasium. “It was weird because it was COVID,” expressed Nicholas Luke, a current senior and former Junior Marshal electee. “It was in the gym and everything was small and we had to wear masks.”

Hopefully, the Junior Marshals of 2022 will enjoy helping their fellow upperclassmen as they graduate from FVHS taking the next step of their futures.  “I think it’s pretty cool,” voiced Anna Grace Junkin, a junior this year who was one of the few chosen student Marshals. “I think it’s an honor to be selected. I appreciate that they recognize stuff as well as sports.”

Akkila, Ahmad Lammah

Arnold, Everly Daryl

Buhrman, Eliza Rae

Davis, Emily Arminta

Davydov, Suzanna

Duncan, Caroline Elizabeth

Duracinsky, Luke Andrew

Forte, Tyler Richard

Forzaglia, Anthony David

Furr, Kaylee Ann

Garcia-Molina, Adilene

Gong, Chelsea M

Gottlieb, Zachary Mason

Harper, Peyton Brooke

Hernandez, Bonnie Dulce

Johnson, Colby Tucker

Joiner, Bailey Constance

Jones, Emma Katherine

Junkin, Anna Grace

Keller, Matthew Thomas

Labrecque, Jason Scott

Lane, Isabella Grace

Lemmers, Katherine Sydney

McCoy, Ashley Munashe

McLeod, Rossor Joseph

Menendez, Jonathan Steve

Moody, Isabella Marie

Moore, Grace Elizabeth

Morris, Matthew G

Mousa, Mousa Nabil

Murillo Garcia, Jhaniel Ricardo

Nash, Olivia Victoria

Nathison, Brady Jenkins

Nolasco Barrales, Eduardo

Orr, Heather Elizabeth

Paudel, Aastha

Perry, Faith Lynn

Pokazanyeva, Alisa Ivanovna

Rano, Hannah Michelle

Ray, Azaria Nakeisha-Monis

Romero-Garcia, Karen

Rosman, Christina Marie

Ross, Emma Elizabeth

Schmitt, Amanda Patricia

Schneider, Andrew Joseph

Searles, Lucas Everett

Smith, Kendall Simone

Stokes, Rachel Dawn

Strouse, Mackenzie Grace

Toscano, Luke Daniel

Wallace, Emma Michelle

Ward, Rachel Elizabeth

Williams, Maryn Elizabeth

Yocum, Neve Marie