FVHS hosts 2022 March writing competition


Photo by Annie Myers

Posters invite budding authors to share their voices and receive recognition. The FVHS Writing Contest will accept short stories and poems submitted by April 1.

Annie Myers, Staff Writer

Calling all writers. The Writing Club at Fuquay-Varina High School is hosting a writing competition all through March. Students are permitted to submit (a) work(s) of short fiction or poetry under 1500 words to the writing club advisor Katherine Waller, who is judging the submissions along with other teachers at FVHS. 

The following is information about the submissions and regulations about the works that are turned in.

Why the school is hosting a writing competition

A major factor for creating a schoolwide writing competition is for students to participate in an event that will help break them out of their shells in school, offering them an opportunity to let other people judge their writing. 

Alisa Pokazanyeva, a junior and the Writing Club leader at FVHS, added to this, “We’re trying to get people to write more and get more involved with the community and we’re gonna start with the writing club.”

Judging the competition

Waller is currently working to get English teachers at FVHS to agree to judge the competition. “A couple of teachers were interested, but no one has confirmed yet,” Waller said; thus, the search for judges is a major work in progress, and she is hoping to have many English teachers come forward and volunteer to assist. 

Deadline and submissions

Posters have been placed all around the school advising students to join the contest with a QR code that links to the form where they can submit their stories. Students also have the option to send it to Waller’s school email at [email protected] 

Even though the deadline is written on the flier, Waller elaborated, “We just sent out information this week, but the deadline is going to be April 1, so we have the whole month of March.” This allows participants a generous amount of time to submit their stories throughout the month of March and multiple under that word limit. 

Many are prepared to participate

A few writers have already shown interest in sending one or more stories to Waller. “I have several that are interested and have already written stuff that they know they want to submit,” Waller said.

But Waller’s students aren’t the only ones excited to share their writing.  “I know I’m going to write for it, and I’m pretty sure most of the writing club is, and Ms. Waller is going to get some of her creative writing classes to submit as well,” said Pokazanyeva.

Savoring the submissions

This might be the only chance for students to have a writing competition hosted by the Writing Club. With all the submissions that will be made, Waller intends to collect them all. 

“I hope we get a lot of students participating, hopefully at the end of it we’ll have enough to compile a little pamphlet or booklet of all of the writing submissions for this year,” Waller explained. 

Creating a pamphlet or even displaying some of the stories in school would be a treasure to not only the students who participated in the event but the English teachers who helped judge and rate each and every paper.