Will you continue to wear a mask after the mandate is lifted?

Olivia Del Pinal, Staff Writer

For the last three years, the world has been in a pandemic that has changed people’s everyday lives. One of these changes was mask mandates in schools and public places. As we have learned more about the pandemic and the number of COVID-19 cases have declined, state and local governments are deciding to drop their mask mandates.

The Wake County Public Schools Board of Education, along with approximately 25 other school boards throughout NC, voted this month to end its mask mandate. Now that students and staff have

Jenna Hardee, Junior

a choice about wearing a mask, will they take it off or leave it on? 

“I think it is a good thing that masks are

Alex Blackmon, Junior

becoming optional because I feel like it should be a matter of choice and not required. I’d probably still wear a mask some days when I feel like it or when I don’t feel great or someone I know is sick.”- Jenna Hardee, Junior

“I will definitely take my mask off after March 7. I feel like it’s been way too long, and we’ve been forced to

Rebecca Bradford, history teacher

do something that we shouldn’t have to do. We live in a free country, and I’m excited that it’ll be my decision if I want to wear my mask or not. ” -Alex Blackmon, Junior

“I will continue to wear my mask. I don’t like wearing a mask, however, I am immunocompromised and need to protect myself. From a teacher’s standpoint, masks make it hard to see if the student is understanding the lesson. When we have our masks off, I am able to read students’ facial expressions to see if I need to restate something or explain it better, but with masks, it makes it a lot harder.”- Rebecca Bradford, history teacher

Lily Thompson and Sydney Stone, Seniors

“We haven’t decided if we are going to take our masks off yet. We will continue to bring our masks, so we can decide on a daily basis whether or not to wear them ”- Lily Thompson and Sydney Stone, Seniors