Quarterback position most mentally and physically draining position in sports



www.allproreels.com — Washington Football Team vs. Los Angeles Chargers from FedEx Field, Landover, MD, September 12 2021 Photo courtesy by (All-Pro Reels Photography)

Ralph Philips, Sports Writer

Sports: each position individually has its struggles and its hardships but possibly none are as hard as the quarterback position in football. The QB does a lot for its offense and has to know so much. It is one of, if not the most, mentally draining positions in all of sports. Now, let’s look at some of the aspects of the position that make it so famed and l0red at by fans and critics alike.

Now, before we get to the mental and emotional confines of a quarterback, we´re going to talk about the physical part of the position. From the obvious, you must be able to throw, but you have to be able to throw in a variety of ways and circumstances. You have to be able to throw standing in the pocket, throwing on the run, over the top, side arm, etc.

In today’s game where it’s more offensively driven, QB´s must be able to make more big-time plays. They must be mobile to move around and run if/when needed, to have an arm that can let the ball rip downfield,  like a Brett Favre, but also be able to throw a beautiful pass in a position where only the receiver can go get the ball, like Joe Montana.

Moving on from the physicality of the position, now, let’s take a look at the mental aspect of it. As an athlete, you are supposed to be tough as nails mentally. You have to be focused on the ends of your sport. However, it’s really hard for a QB when you’re under such emotionally driven conditions.

To be a successful football team today, you must have two things: 1) a great head coach; and 2) a great quarterback. A QB must be a leader in his respected locker room. He´s a field general as he commands his platoon of teammates to take control of a game and win. His confidence must be high while playing. He must try to rally the troops when needed and keep the team up at all times.

All of that is the mental part of the game, but you also have to factor in the natural human emotions. So many things can happen in such a short time, and each QB individually reacts to these circumstances differently. It’s hard to keep your cool and emotions in check. It’s hard not to lose your mind on the sideline, to get frustrated, to cry, to yell and shout and scream, and then, you have to deal with all of your coaches, critics, and people you know because everyone is going to say something about it.  Everyone always has something to say about you and your game and/or what you’ve said about a certain topic. You’re always going to have supporters, but you´ll also have just as many, if not more, haters.

Yes, pitchers in baseball have the game in their hands, forwards in basketball have to be excellent at multiple skills, just like centers/center backs in hockey and soccer, but no position will ever have as much pressure as the quarterback position in football.