Local alpaca Pumpkin makes appearance at FVHS

Ecstatic student fans rush to greet Pumpkin during a surprise visit to FVHS.

Bella Lane, Staff Writer

Six-month-old alpaca Pumpkin is making his mark on Fuquay-Varina. Pumpkin is quickly gaining social media followers and becoming quite the celebrity in town. Pumpkin’s owner, Sue, owns many animals on her farm. 

Sue has chosen not to disclose her last name because she wants to focus the attention on Pumpkin, instead of herself. 

In a WRAL interview with Sue, she said it was a very important decision to get Pumpkin. “I was doing research and I found alpacas – how happy they are [and] how gentle they are,” said Sue. 

Pumpkin is well-behaved and loves attention. He has been spotted all around Fuquay, including multiple shops and stores. Customers are fascinated by Pumpkin’s happy and friendly demeanor. In WRAL’s interview, Sue said that Pumpkin is an excellent selfie poser. “I have a collection of people taking selfies with him, which is so funny,” said Sue. 

Pumpkin’s increasing popularity has led him, and Sue, to attend many public events, including a Meet and Greet with Fuquay-Varina Mayor Blake Massengill. Hundreds of people turned out for the event. Pumpkin also visits churches, schools, and is even planning a visit to a local hospital. 

Sue has also created a Facebook page for Pumpkin with over 2,500 likes and 3,500 followers. Anyone interested can message Sue on Facebook and request to have Pumpkin at their next event.

In their free time, Sue and Pumpkin enjoy spending time with their two dogs and going on walks. In a recent Facebook post, Sue said, “Sometimes it’s the animal to bring we, the humans, together, to celebrate a moment of harmony and pure joy.”