The Lost World: A Jurassic Park Review


Dylan Barbeau, Staff Writer

After the great success of Jurassic Park, until Titanic came along, fans pressured director Steven Spielberg for a sequel. Steven Spielberg actually already had a sequel planned that revolved around the infamous Barbasol can that Dennis Nedry used in an attempt to steal dinosaur embryos. However, Michael Crichton, the original author of the book that the first movie was based on, had a different idea in place. The sequel that his novel was, and what would be the basic frame for the film adaptation, dubbed The Lost World, and it revolved around wild dinosaurs on a different island from the first.

Starting off with the positives, the visual effects in this movie are stellar. The practical effects by Stan Winston are gorgeous as always while the CG done by ILM is a sizable improvement from the first. A good example of this is over the cliff scene, in which a mobile lab goes over a cliff. It was done in almost entirely practical effects, and it is glorious.

There is also the acting, which is pretty solid across the board. Obviously, the main star is Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcom, reprising his iconic role from the original film. This especially shows in, again, the over the cliff scene (honestly that entire scene can be positive by itself, but I digress).

Another positive I can say about the film is the designs of the dinosaurs, which are excellent. The standouts are the T-rexes and the velociraptors. The patterns on them are beautiful. The one design I find kind of bad is the pteranodon near the end, as its beak looks like it would snap like a twig at any second. 

/Skip this part if you do not want spoilers/

As for negatives, the scene where Ian’s daughter, Kelly, kicks a raptor through a window using gymnastics is utterly stupid and ridiculous. No wonder it has become an inside joke. If I had anything to say that was good about it, at least it was a small, condensed scene.

That, I cannot say for the next problem; the people in this movie make decisions so stupid that you wonder how they survived this long. The most egregious example is when Sarah Harding, Ian’s girlfriend, and wildlife expert, thought it was a good idea to continue wearing a jacket stained with the blood of the infant t-rex she helped mend a broken leg. You would think that by, being said to work with hyenas, she would know better to bring a bloody jacket.

The last major flaw is the ending with the buck tyrannosaur in San Diego. The problem with the scene is that it, while fun, doesn’t fit the rest of the film in the slightest. Also, the way it got loose is very stupid. It killed the entire crew on the boat and then went back in its holding pen. That makes no sense.

On a final note, The Lost World: Jurassic Park is an enjoyable film with some incredible highs, even though it’s lows are somewhat frustrating. It may not be for everyone, but if you are a fan of the franchise (like myself), then it is definitely worth watching.

Final Score: 3/5 Paws