Music recommendations for music hungry individuals


Alissa Martinez, Staff Writer

Ever since I was little, I always had a love for discovering new music and finding ways to express myself in many different ways. As I grew older, I had a love for music that was around me, which was mainly on the west coast. Moving to a different coast has let me take these amazing songs with me through my journey of self-discovery. Here are a few songs that I think everyone should at least listen to once in their life, no matter what state of mind you’re in.

1.Bubu Lubu- Mexican Slum Rats

Living in California for the first seven years of my life, the state has always had a major influence on my music taste. Bubu Lubu brings back old memories and feelings that I had growing up. The song features soft and slow guitar hooks and an immediate change in pace. The song is very fast-paced and fun, and it makes you want to get up and dance around. It definitely can keep someone motivated and excited, bobbing your head, and feel as though you can hear them perform right in front of you. The band is known for their surf-punk sound, and if that sparks an interest in you, I highly recommend checking out their stuff.

2. 11 am- Incubus 

My sister has always had a love for Incubus, and that has definitely rubbed off on me. The band was actually from Calabasas, California, and they always remind me of going to the beach in the summer, feeling the moisture in the air and the waves hitting my legs. 11 am features a guitar hook, sudden drums, and the soft vocals of the lead singer, Brandon Boyd, who has a very distinct voice. All of those soft and relaxed elements create the perfect song to listen to when you need time to just take a breath in and clear your mind from anything hectic going on in your day. I remember listening to the CD recently and realizing how amazing this song truly is, and I hope you can go see it if you feel the same way about it.

3. Cherry Waves- Deftones

This song has such cool and distinct elements, like the soft echo in the background of the first few seconds of the song, distinct drums, and soft vocals. It feels very mysterious and mellow, but then heavy guitar and powerful drums flood in. Vocals are still very powerful, but it’s still very soft. The flopping back and forth between these two different moods is not something every person will enjoy straight off the bat, but I personally love the mix of them. The aggressive vocals and shifts are something that I’ve been exposed to with other bands, so it’s really fun to listen to. It gives me time to express certain emotions at different times, which is nice to do every once in a while.

4. I’ll Stop By Tomorrow Night- The Garden

This track definitely is experimental, relying on things like guitar and exaggerated singing but also very ominous background music. It definitely creates this very mysterious and catchy song. Lead vocalist Wyatt Shears is known for his style of singing, and this album, haha, is known for being unpredictable. It’s a very fun song and sounds like something playing in an episode of Regular Show, and creates a spooky and tense ambiance. The Garden, which was created in Orange, California, has always created unique and imaginative tracks, and truly embraces their differences in comparison to other bands. It’s definitely something a song you’d have to get used to, but once you get a taste, you’ll be hungry for more.

 5. Annie Blue- Launder

I love Lauder’s song because it always feels as though I’ve always known their songs, and this song, Annie Blue, just has such charm to it. The fun guitar riffs and a very upbeat and happy melody. The vocals are still very soft and calming, but the other background elements really help make the song very fresh and fun. It feels like something that would play in the tunnel scene of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This track helps to enhance that very curious and exciting perspective one may have forgotten about and embrace that feeling to its full potential.