Green living is clean living: tips and tricks for improving your school


Plants can greatly improve air quality in your classroom. (Photo courtesy of Snow Sites)

Jace Gaddy, Staff Writer

Health for the students, school, and environment is one of the main importance in any school. This list covers five different ways to better improve the school environment and make it more energy-efficient.

1. Create a Green Club

When creating a green club, you are starting your first step in providing your school with eco-friendly heroes that will monitor trash around the school, create new ideas to become more eco-friendly, and spread eco-friendly enthusiasm and knowledge within our school and community through awareness events, activities, and programs.

2.  Schedule a trash pickup day

Once a month, have a group of people come out and help pick up trash in the school, around the school, or anywhere within a mile radius. With this group effort, you can eliminate the trash buildup that’s long since been left behind. This also creates new relationships with people while creating a new and better environment for everyone.

3. Create a school garden 

Creating a school garden allows for so many teaching opportunities while also letting students be hands-on and responsible for their own plants. Plus, gardens just add to the scenery and also create a more eco-friendly environment since plants act as highly effective air cleaners. Also, food waste can be used to create compost for the soil.

4. Eco-friendly supplies

Work with school administration to identify opportunities where making the switch to eco-friendly bulk supplies like cleaning products and classroom supplies is possible. With this, some air pollution can be eliminated due to toxic cleaning products.

5.  Get Plants for the Classroom

Having plants in each classroom has numerous benefits. A plant can help reduce dust and carbon dioxide levels, preventing the growth of pollutants, and also help improve humidity.

 With all these new ideas, your school can become a more eco-friendly environment bettering you, your school, and the environment we live in.