FVHS chorus students, Juniorettes present school’s first ‘Singing Valentines’


Photo by Abigail Lapp

Students deliver a Valentines serenade during class. Singing Valentines were performed on Feb. 15 by FVHS Juniorettes and chorus classes to raise funds for charity. (Left to Right: Erin Prins, Dominic Sicola, Hayley Rash, Emma Ross)

Abigail Lapp, Opinion Editor

Throughout the third and fourth periods of Feb. 15, classes were interrupted with surprise serenades. For the first time, Fuquay-Varina High School chorus classes, in collaboration with Juniorettes, performed Singing Valentines.

“We had always done Candy Grams in the past,” said Erin Prins, an officer of Juniorettes. “But with COVID this year, we didn’t want to be required to sell as much chocolate. We had a different candy supplier, and we knew we’d have too much leftover. Mrs. Clay, the Juniorettes advisor, had always done Singing Valentines in her high school, so she came up with the idea to do it this year.”

Inspired by other schools, Juniorettes soon got to work on arranging everything for the Singing Valentines in an effort to raise money for a women’s charity. “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis, “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift, and “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley were the four songs people got to choose from. “[FVHS chorus teacher] Mr. Cole researched songs other schools used, but I came up with the idea for the Rick Roll song,” stated Prins.

For just $1, students were able to choose a song for choir members to sing to their friend or special someone. “The Rick Roll song was by far the most popular,” said Jane Maddock, another Juniorettes officer. “Public humiliation sells. Overall, the Singing Valentines were really popular and sold well. People were really excited when they heard it was happening.”

In order to perform, however, the chorus classes had to prepare. “The Chamber Choir, which is an audition-based choir, was ‘voluntold’ to do the Singing Valentines,” stated Margaux Burkhart, a member of the FVHS Chamber Choir. “Other chorus classes were able to volunteer. The songs are well known and easy. We sight-read them to learn the music then went over it more to have everything prepared for Tuesday, the day of the Valentines.”

Throughout the end of the day on Feb. 15, small groups of two to four chorus students went around the school singing snippets of their peers chosen songs.

“The Singing Valentines were a lot of fun,” said Burkhart. “I hope we get to do them again in the coming years.”