Dare to share your writing


A courageous poet, Brook Mariin, dares to share her artistic skills with the world. (photo by Annie Meyers)

Annie Myers, Staff Writer

Whether you’re someone who has considered writing poetry only a few times in your life or loves it and writes religiously, chances are you still have plenty of opportunities to let the world read some of your work. 

It’s true that as a writer you can be too shy to present your work to someone else. There’s a crushing fear that your writing won’t live up to another person’s expectations. This might keep you from entering literary contests and groups that would interest you or benefit you as a writer. 

Fear not because despite the success you’ve received thus far, Fuquay-Varina High School offers many academic and local opportunities that will really help future poets feel confident about putting pen to paper and saying goodbye to writer’s block. 

Katherine Waller is an English and creative writing teacher as well as an advisor for the writing club at FVHS. Her voice is strong for future authors and students with a passion for making stories. 

“I have a lot of students in my creative writing class that are passionate about poetry,” Waller explains. “In the writing club, we do list different competitions and talk about those in meetings.”

Waller is just one inspiration for students who just need a little nudge in the right direction. “Students who want to write poetry, just do it,” she explained. Don’t get sidetracked with your phone or don’t get sidetracked with other distractions. I think writing and getting our emotions on paper are really important for us spiritually.”

It’s important to realize that writing poetry can be a fun and meaningful practice. “I guess it’s just writing down my thoughts eloquently like I don’t really rhyme or do anything like that,” said Brooke Dilley, a freshman student and writer at FVHS. 

Many will say that poetry releases stress and is a form of expressionism. “Mostly, people have a different way of expressing their emotions,” Expressed Peter Pavlov, a sophomore student and frequent writer. “Somebody draws, somebody runs, like workout, somebody kicks.” He continued, “I think poetry is one of the, like, ways to express your emotions.”

He goes on, “Whatever is close to me, you know, sometimes you just get an inspiration to do it, so you just write it on your phone, maybe notes.”

Poetry can be a wonderful experience with a healthy mindset and a piece of paper. Just about anyone can write poetry, and it’s not an expensive or time-consuming practice. Becoming a confident writer is important in improving literary skills and ways of life. The easiest place to begin is meeting people with the same interests.