Rise in celebrity McDonald’s meals

Alissa Martinez, News Editor

In the past three years, we have seen a rise in celebrity meals all around different fast food chains. The new release of the Cardi B and Offset meal from Super Bowl ads, really shows how normalized celebrity collaborations with McDonald’s have become. 

The first movie to be promoted by McDonald’s was the Star Trek Meal, which hit the market in December 1979. Changing bags, creating posters, and even making new kids’ toys is a common occurrence to promote many films ever since. 

To many people’s shock, the Travis Scott Meal is not the first celebrity meal to appear on the menu of the fast food chain. The one who paved this road for many to follow is Michael Jordan, who created the McJordan Special in 1991. 

With his already very popular name in the media, he was able to draw lots of attention from areas in Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. These states were all very special to Jordan and being able to design a meal that got him through tough times was truly special. 

Many of these popular meals have regular items included but are able to be customizable for each person through the combination of items and special sauces.

The McJordan Special was a Quarter Pounder with special barbeque sauce, bacon, mustard, onions, and pickles. The meal came with a drink and fries. 

This same meal would be brought back and marketed as the Travis Scott Meal in 2020. He would go on to make over $20 million from accumulative endorsements and sales. 

In more recent years, the famous K-pop boy band BTS released their iconic BTS Meal. They were able to add sauces from their home country of South Korea to spice up ordinary nuggets from the menu. 

The meal included 10 Chicken McNuggets, Sweet Chili and Cajun sauce, a medium fry, and a Coca-Cola. The meal was so successful that fans were selling bags and sauces from McDonald’s on eBay. The band was able to make over $8 million from global sales in the month it was released. 

Other mentions can include Colombian rapper J Balvin and American rapper Sawtiee. Although these meals aren’t as widely known to the public, many memes and videos helped to launch sales and gain new audiences for these artists.

The newest addition to the list is the Cardi B and Offset meal, which is the perfect Valentine’s Day meal to share with someone special. The couple has been together for the past six years strong and has been a power couple too many. Their meal was released on February 14 and will continue to sell for a limited time only. 

The meal includes a cheeseburger with barbeque sauce, a quarter pounder with cheese, an apple pie, a large Coca-Cola, and a large Hi-C Orange Lava Burst. 

With the new celebrity meal craze still ongoing, who knows who will soon work with the company to make something new and fresh? Trying new things can be challenging to many, but having that sense of familiarity can make it so much easier. Be sure to think about the origins of these deals next time you see one of them, and how they came to be so wildly popular and successful.