Take a moment to stare at FVHS stairs 

Olivia Arnett, Staff Writer

                                        Photo image created by Olivia Arnett

Stairs, a collection of mini platforms that help to elevate one’s self to another floor. We have many within our shiny, new facility, but from the slow walkers to drink spills, simply walking up these stairs isn’t as simple as expected. 

At FVHS, many students have had to experience these stairwells, as anyone can watch them filter out like ants throughout the day going to and from classes. No one is free from the stairs, unless you use the elevator, only if you really need the elevator, such as an injury, a medical condition, or you’re pushing something like a computer cart which can’t go down the stairs safely. Aside from all that, a functioning, working human being would never use the elevator.

Cough. Anyways. 

Nevertheless, you can hear many groans about walking up to the fourth floor, especially if it is for a first period class; it is early in the morning, and potentially, the person hasn’t finished their morning coffee. 

Many days, many a times, there has been a great multiplicity of spills upon the stairs, clear as water or a tinted drink in various shades. Occasionally, you can see the container that once housed the liquid, but other times, you see nothing but the puddle. Spills are no fun for anyone; if you don’t notice them, you could have someone else’s drink on your shoes, having to make an effort to move around the spill in the busy stairwell traffic or perhaps even the sad soul who slips on the aforementioned drink.

The rate at which some people walk is atrocious;, the uphill battle seems to be the worst offender. Everyone walks at their own pace, but sometimes, it’s just horrific, not to mention most of the time you can’t go around them due to the business of it all, leaving you all alone to waste those precious seconds.

Another of many irksome situations on these neutral gray steps is when you are going against the stream of people. While on its own such a case would be trivial at best, there are those who spread out across the width of the stairs, making it harder to reach the desired altitude. One can only continue their struggle until the goal is reached. 

Most of these problems are more relevant in the stairwells, the 100’s to 300’s, as they have to deal with six flights of stairs within their walls. Staircases that are much shorter and less compact, much like the one up to the library, don’t experience these problems as much. 

Though at dismissal, that time of day we can finally leave school, the stairs are used to their full potential with almost everyone in the building filtering out in a mad dash home, leaving the school desolate and all empty with the teachers with the few students lingering in the hallways. 

Some people would get more upset about some of these inconveniences, but others not as much; it’s just the experience we get out of school. 

That’s all except don’t fall down the stairs.