Vada Vada: the genre with no boundaries


Alissa Martinez, Staff Writer

Having a wide variety of music under your belt is always something cool to have and finding a community of musicians is just as exciting as finding a hidden treasure chest. This particular community of people follow and live by the genre of Vada Vada, which traces back to the early 2010’s in Orange, California.

You might be wondering, what is the genre Vada Vada? In simple terms, it is a genre that keeps growing, almost like the way a tree or a garden grows, constantly adapting with the times. This lets artists grow into their unique sound without feeling restricted, as most genres do to young artists. This term was created by Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, a twin duo who have been a part of the band, The Garden, since 2012. They created this to allow their minds and music to flow freely and not feel tied down and feel the need to conform to popular social and music standards at the time.

Now that you know the general origin of the genre, let’s share the people who are a part of the genre, as well as the creators themselves. 

Wyatt Shears

Wyatt Shears is the main bassist of the band, The Garden, and has been for the past decade. His love for music formed when he was young, with his father also being in a band and showing him the music that would inspire him to create his own unique sound. Wyatt has been in small bands ever since middle school, alongside his childhood friends. He graduated from high school and had a hard time attending school at a community college. This caused him to drop out of school and pursue a career in music. Other than being a part of the band, he also had a side project, called Enjoy. The Garden is known for their punk and experimental feel, relying heavily on spooky sound effects, bass, and drums. Enjoy is an ever-changing band, having a very wide range of sounds that tie to indie pop, electronic, experimental, and post-punk sound. Wyatt always uses humor and wit in his music and album covers and is always very fun and lighthearted with his music. Vada Vada allows this free flow of creativity to be vocalized throughout Wyatt’s music and personal persona. He never allows people to tear down his confidence, always staying authentic and true to his craft. 

Fletcher Shears 

Fletcher, being twin brothers with Wyatt, had a very similar upbringing as his brother, listening to the same music and performing in the same bands as him. He started The Garden alongside his brother, playing drums and sometimes singing lead vocals on various tracks. Fletcher started his side project, Puzzle, back in 2012, to try to gain wider popularity among the Orange County community. This soon evolved into something that he could use to express his own emotions and struggles through music. Many albums from his band have very dark lyrics, often expressing sadness, struggles with gender, and the longing for love that one desires and wishes for. He expresses these deep emotions with a very soft and angelic voice, using very dream-like elements to allow the listener to be put in his shoes and see life through his perspective and mindset. The genre has allowed Fletcher to be raw with his experiences and share them through an innovative and artistic way. His music can seem very bizarre at first, but it holds lots of meaning and emotion, and that only grows overtime. He has had a few of his songs go viral on tiktok, including I Saw An Angel and Everyone’s Left, and has gained a wider audience over the past two years with the rise of TikTok. 


Being childhood friends with the twins, Slater was a persona created in 2013. He had performed live alongside the side projects of the twins, often doing backup vocals, playing bass, and the keyboard. While attending college in San Francisco, he often uploaded songs onto Bandcamp or Soundcloud, just experimenting with beats and playing around with vocals and creating fun songs. While helping to create the genre with the twins, he used these platforms to grow his sound and his musical style that his fans have grown accustomed to. Over the years, he has gone through different phases to promote his albums, creating this spy persona, which actually has stuck for the past four years. His music tells a story and creates this very fictional, adventurous, and high-action feel. Slater uses lots of elements of electronic and rap music and draws inspiration to indie artists in the Orange and San Francisco Bay Area. He ties back to lots of nostalgia through his music, specifically to the early 2000’s, as a way to not only have fun but to create a fun nuance on that highly-appreciated time in music. 

Cowgirl Clue

Starting her career off at just 17, Ashley Clue was first a DJ in the early days of her career. She soon started releasing music under Cowgirl Clue in 2016 and was intrigued by the genre’s flexibilities. Clue is known for her fun nuance to hyperpop and electronic music, and tying it to her roots in Texas. She adds very fun beats and lots of autotune to various songs to show off her “faerie” feel, a term she created which describes her overall aesthetics and feel of her music. This aesthetic includes fairy wings, horses, bling jeans, clogs, cowgirl boots, cowboy hats, and fun and flashy prints. Clue always adds fun southern imagery to her very soft and country persona, often catering to the early trends of the early 2000’s. Clue does this in a completely different lens as Slater, leaning more towards the rustic and farmland aspects rather than the fully glamorized lifestyles that it once offered. 


Growing up in Los Angeles, Marina has always found ways to express herself and her emotions through many art forms. While attending college, she found her love for modeling and has continued to venture into that field for nearly a decade. 3l3dp is the alias that Marina created in 2020 to allow herself to experiment making music, using lots of electronic and hyperpop elements to create her sound. Playing with the various art forms that come with music, she also includes very futuristic and glitch-like visuals in her album covers and music videos. Being the newest to the genre, she definitely has more boldness with her art and music, often taking more risks with making and producing very intricate songs. Vada Vada allows Marina to fully experiment and create very detailed and mind-blowing music, which sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It’s constantly changing and it definitely has so much high energy and life, which leaves fans excited to see her next moves with her upcoming EP. With only three songs currently out, she holds so much potential to grow her allius and her overall sound and aesthetics.