Addams Family steals the show


Photo courtesy FVHS Theater Department

FVHS theater recently closed out the year with their final performance of The Addams Family.

Gillian Madden, Social Media Editor

The Fuquay-Varina Theater Department recently performed The Addams Family on April 28-30. This was the first musical in over two years to have a live audience, and each night every performance was well attended. Overall, it was a fun night of comedy, catchy songs and engaging dance routines. 

Opening night was on April 28 and was filled with positive energy and laughter. The opening number, When You’re An Addams, was attention-grabbing for the audience and left them  hooked and eager to know what was going to happen next. 

“Some of them have never danced before and didn’t have a whole lot of time in rehearsal with me, so they had to do a lot of it by themselves. Even with that, they did an amazing job,” said FVHS dance teacher Deborah Gray. 

The singing, dancing, acting, and jokes were all timed and done perfectly, from Morticia Addams’ (Deanna Wichmann) Death is Just Around the Corner to Wednesday Addams’ (Reagan Higgins) Pulled, starkly different numbers, but each actor’s attention to detail made for a very nice flow. 

“I think everyone was perfectly cast. No character felt like the actor couldn’t fulfill the standard,” said FVHS junior Anna Grace Medlin. 

While it’s obvious the Addams family and the Ohioan Beineke family had their differences, it made the jokes very comedic, and the audience went wild for them. Meanwhile, the climax of the show  was, of course, the dinner scene between the Addams and Beineke families, and the song Full Disclosure. Alice (Anslee Gozy) and Mal Beineke (Zach Hobbs) , the parents of Lucas (Ryan Seaman), go to meet Wednesday’s parents for the first time. After a series of events involving Alice climbing all up on the table and Grandma (Margaux Burkhart) with her hysterical pee jokes, it all  leads up to the full Wednesday outburst and  the, “Lucas and I are getting married” secret is revealed. 

Closing night on April 30 was definitely an exciting night to be able to attend. Most of the cast and crew were made up of seniors, so it was an emotional time. During Gomez’s (Ross Bruffey) performance of  Happy Sad, you could feel and hear the emotion in his voice while acting with daughter Wednesday Addams. 

“The seniors are leaving a big chunk of talent on stage and leadership that we have to fill. They are leaving a huge hole this year, and there is definitely some rebuilding that we have to do,” said FVHS theater teacher Paige Macgovern. 

From each specific dance routine and every song, the audience could see the hours of long rehearsal that each person put into the performance. “I think the play captured the essence of Fuquay theater. I would say this was my favorite play that Fuquay has done. The sets were amazing, the acting was amazing, and the costumes were perfect,” said Medlin. 

“We provided an art form and an enjoyable two and a half hours for people to just get lost and get immersed into the story of the Addams Family, and that’s what we want and that’s why we do it,” said Macgovern. 

In the two and a half hours comedy-filled show,  it was interesting seeing the comparison between the FVHS musical version and the 1991 film.  “I like how they changed it up a little bit. I felt like it was more focused on Wednesday, which I thought was interesting, and I think overall it was very well executed,” said FVHS junior Anysleigh Penland. 

The Addams Family has come to an end, and as we say goodbye to this play, it is important for other students who may want to join theater or have a passion for it to get involved. “The reason we do theater is for the audience, and the feedback I have gotten from family, parents, and other students has been so rewarding, “ said Macgovern. “I would love for anyone who is even remotely interested to come out and audition. You don’t have to be in classes. You can come out and do tech, just get involved, because it’s such a cool family to join.”