Heap of the Month: Al Curle and the Redneck-Mobile


Al Curle, poses with his very own ‘redneck-mobile’

Drew Ruppel

There are many cars out there that would surely turn heads, but some in a more negative way than others. Welcome to the first edition of Heap of the Month, where we cover the most screwed-up cars we can find in the parking lot of our lovely high school, driven pridefully by members of our student body. 

For this first edition of Heap of the Month, I sat down with Newspaper II’s very own Al Curle to discuss his 2007 Toyota 4runner, which he has satirically and very correctly dubbed The Redneck-Mobile. Although this car has many quirks and oddities about it, you’ll quickly come to learn how Curle cherishes and loves his car for its uniqueness. 

Curle took me on a tour of his car and showed me all the things that made it a heap. This included the Duct-tape covered front bumper, the lack of an air conditioning unit in the car, the ham radio duct-taped to the dashboard, the wire snaking itself from out of the ham radio to the roof of the car, and like a cherry on top of a jalopy sundae, an antenna for his ham radio that rises a meter above the roof of his car. 

Curle recounted the story of his front bumper, stating, “I got in a fender bender with my ex.” We stopped and laughed before he continued. “We were going by the intersection in front of the Krispy Kreme, they slammed on the brakes, and I bumped into them. Turns out my ex was in the car.”

The funniest comment that Curle has heard about his car was from his own mother giving his car its name. “The most memorable comment about my car was my mom calling it the redneck mobile,” Curle stated. 

Curle using his ham radio

Despite how his car may look, Curle loves the way his car looks. “I’m never embarrassed by it,” Curle stated. “I love it.” 

His love for his car was shown in full when confronted with the idea of having any other car. “If I had all the money in the world, the only other car I’d want is a red Ford Ranger pickup truck from the ’80s, he said “But besides that, I’m happy with my current car.”

Curle’s car, however, tattered and country it may be is Curle’s car. It may be held together by tape and have a radio antenna that makes it look like a gigantic hillbilly RC toy but he isn’t ashamed of that one bit.