Black Panther Movie Review

Black Panther Movie Review

Madison Johnson, Staff Writer

Wakanda is an African nation surrounded by mountains and a thick jungle. After the death of his father, T’challa returns home to claim his title as king. During this transition an enemy reappears and T’challa gets tested in this conflict. The young king must gather his allies in order to defeat the enemy and save his kingdom. 

Black Panther was a monumental movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe including the first African American superhero. Black Panther changed the norms that Hollywood put into place. This movie is also the first in this universe to show African culture and was the first one that I saw a black hero in.

While the movie may not have the greatest action sequences, it does have the best technology in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wakanda has futuristic technology, flying cars, and many more technological advancements. One of the most popular advancements in Wakanda would be the substance Vibranium which is a metal that has the ability to absorb, release, and store large amounts of energy. 

The villains in this movie may be even more important than the technology, however. T’challa was given his powers from a magical plant and took on the mantle of black panther. This reign of the king could have been shortened because of Erik Killmonger, a mercenary who was trying to tell the citizens of Wakanda some secrets about the country. Seeking revenge, Killmonger was influenced by his father’s ideology. He was trying to avenge his father because he believed that the ethnic minority should be armed with vibranium weapons. He wanted the ethnic minority to be armed so they could have the resources to overthrow their oppressors.

Black Panther brings together a wonderful cast of African American actors. When I saw this movie in the theaters, it was an extraordinary moment getting to see all these characters that looked similar to me. 

The only downfall of this movie in my opinion was the plot. Even though the movie changed Marvel, the plot had many holes. During the movie I was asking myself why specific events happened and didn’t understand a lot. The movie also didn’t have the best computer-generated images., and the fighting scenes didn’t look the smoothest and most attractive.

I would rate this movie ⅗ paws