Is shopping at thrift stores beneficial?

Gillian Madden, social media editor

Shopping at thrift stores helps with the re-use of clothing that has already been made while decreasing the need for additional items people want to get rid of. Furthermore, thrift stores often have incredibly low prices, so you can get good quality clothes at a much more affordable cost. 

According to, the fashion industry produces about 20% of global wastewater and emits about 10% of global carbon emissions This is more than what is emitted by maritime shipping and international flights combined. 

Many young teens might think that thrifting and buying secondhand clothes can be dirty or make you look poor to others. 

Malachi Jones, an 18-year-old senior at Fuquay Varina High School whose nickname is fashion king is very passionate about his fashion. “I love fashion and shopping,” said Jones. “It can help me in a different kind of way to express and describe who I am as a person.”

“Many teens might think that buying used clothes is uncool or gross and dirty,” continued Jones. “For me, buying thrifted clothes doesn’t bother me as long as it’s in good condition.”  

Gen Z is starting to get more into thrifting as people find it fun and almost treat it as a game to see what they can find. According to ThredUp, since 2016, there has been a 16% rise of Gen Z who buy apparel second hand. 

Avery Black is a  17-year-old senior at FVHS. “Fashion is a fun way to express yourself and I like thrifting because you never know what you’ll find,” said Black. 

Sometimes buying new clothes can add up quickly  and before you know it, you are spending $200 on a new outfit. “Buying second hand or thrifting means you can buy perfectly good pieces of clothing for cheaper and you get more use out of it,” said Black.

Fashion is an easy way to be expressive and confident in yourself. Patterns, textures, and colors are all aspects  in clothing that can help express yourself in a cheaper way. You can still have style and get fun new pieces of clothing without breaking your bank account. So next time you need a new outfit or want to go shopping, think about going to your local thrift store.