Fuquay-Varina mayor details downtown development plans


New construction sites are one of the most visible symbols of Fuquay-Varina’s increase in development projects this year.

Al Curle, Staff Writer

It’s impossible to miss the construction in downtown Fuquay. Sitting from the window in The Mill, someone has a perfect view of the people working on the new building in Fuquay. The clambering of tools, the men in reflective vests, and the concrete mixers strewn about.

The mayor, Blake Massengill, has continued to publicly express the desire to improve Fuquay’s downtown to make it both more livable and walkable. “The town of Fuquay-Varina is trying to recruit mixed-use in our downtown areas…restaurants, and places for people to live,” Massengill said through his press secretary.

Mixed use is a term to describe a building that both serves as residential homes and commercial businesses. So it’s clear that Massengill intends to continue to push development in Fuquay to encourage density and walkability instead of the current car-based transportation.

This is reinforced by his planned spending. “The town will have eight transportation projects in the design phase with construction to begin sometime in 2023,” Massengill continued. He didn’t state what these projects were exactly, however it continues to paint the picture of Fuquay moving to a much less congested and pedestrian-navigatable future.

Initiatives like this often lead to economic growth and a more vibrant urban center. The economic density means that with a fraction of the strain cars put on infrastructure, the city can have many more people and the ability to provide services that only dense urban areas can provide.

This potential for healthy growth comes at a cost. “These projects will cost more than $18 million dollars of which $16.4 million will be paid for through grants,” Massengill continued. This sounds like a lot, and admittedly it is.

The total budget of the town of Fuquay-Varina is $27 million. $18 million dollars, then, is a significant chunk of that budget that the mayor is using in hopes that it will pay dividends in the long term.

Only time will tell if this investment will be worth it, but if it is, Fuquay will become a more walkable and prosperous town.