Student Athlete of the Month: Braxton Cutchin


Pitching in his final season as a Bengal, Braxton Cutchin looks to repeat their state championship from last year— Photo Courtesy of Matthew Battle

Sam Prestipino, Sports Writer

FUQUAY-VARINA, NC- This month’s Student-Athlete of the Month is Braxton Cutchin. Cutchin is a State Champion pitcher for the FVHS baseball team. He is being recognized for his contributions to both the baseball team and the community as a whole.


Cutchin’s love for the game is rivaled by few, as he has played for 14 years.


“I initially started by playing tee-ball at a young age because my dad got me into it. He played ball in High School, so he passed that love for the sport on to me,” said Cutchin.


Nothing has deterred Cutchin from sticking with the game he loves.


“It is one of the most mental sports out there,” he said. “A lot of people would describe it as a slow game, but that’s what makes it so mentally challenging. You have to be mentally checked in at all times.”


Cutchin loves the little things in the game. He also is always looking for ways to improve and cites that as another beauty of the game.


“There’s always something in baseball that you can improve on,” he stated. “If you go 100% from the field in basketball, that’s perfect; however, in baseball, it’s impossible to be perfect. This allows you to always strive to be better.” 


Another part of the game that Cutchin loves is the bond that he has with his teammates. He lives for the comradery that he and his teammates share. 


“The brotherhood that we have is something special,” he said. “We can all cut up with each other, and Coach can cut up with us, too. We all have a good time, but when it’s time to lock in, we know when to lock-in.”


This brotherhood that Cutchin describes has led to a lot of success in Fuquay’s baseball program.


“When we’re winning, it’s really fun,” Cutchin said. “Throughout the year, we are able to push each other to be better, which has been a big part of our recent success.”


This success is not new to Fuquay, as they were State Champions last year.


“We had a rough start to the year last season with a loss in our first game to Apex Friendship,” he recalled. “I think that’s something that lit a fire under us.”


When chatting about the Championship run from last year, the joy and excitement from that run rushed back into Cutchin. 


“I remember that series like the back of my hand,” he said. “We showed up ready and excited, but so did the other team. They had their Arkansas commit pitcher throw that first day, and it didn’t go well for us. We finished the game without a hit.


This was something that would make Cutchin and his teammate’s blood boil heading into the elimination game the next day.


“We were one of the best offensive teams in the State, and we just got shut out,” he said. “That lit a fire under us and caused us to unload 25 runs in the following two games to propel us to the series win.”


Cutchin says that he remembers those moments like it was yesterday and that he remembers the feeling of pride and excitement that he felt on that afternoon.


“I remember thinking to myself, ‘Wow I’m playing in the State Championship right now,’” Cutchin said.


Cutchin said that he will remember that series forever. He plans on staying around the game for the rest of his life.


“That game was incredible,” he said. “I am so proud of the effort that my teammates and I put forward, and I hope we can find a way to replicate this year.”