A team divided: Captain America Civil War

Madison Johnson, Staff Writer

Captain America: Civil war may not be the best movie but is more of an expansion of The Winter Soldier. They open up with a flashback from 1991 when Bucky Barnes is captured at a Hydra base. We see the surrounding land and then a soldier walking through the base. You see Barnes standing staring daggers into your eyes as he is freed from a deep freeze from a Russian soldier. He is then brainwashed in order for the soldiers to activate the Winter Soldier. His first mission is a mystery to the viewer, but you can see that he is targeting someone in this car. 

That is just the introduction, this movie is all about the political difference between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. The government was trying to install a system of accountability on the Avengers. This agreement given to the Avengers causes turmoil inside their close team of superheroes. Captain America believes that superheroes should have the freedom to defend the people without the government having to interfere. Ironman disagrees and believes that superheroes should be controlled by the government. As this disagreement escalates greatly the other members of the Avengers must choose sides. 

Ironman and Captain America’s dueling viewpoints cause amazing fight scenes. The airport scene is amazing, with all these superheroes fighting on two teams in one singular place. Everyone is everywhere, team Ironman is trying to apprehend the heroes on team Captain America. On the other side, Captain America’s team is trying to get him and Bucky Barnes onto a plane. The scene shows the close battle between Black Widow and Hawkeye, and the way they match each other’s fighting styles. This moment of the fight gives some comedic aspects to this scene, them talking about them still being friends and not going hard on each other.  This scene shows all the different powers and ways that they fight. The final fight scene of this movie is epic and monumental. 

The final fight at the end of the movie is at HYDRA’s Siberian facility. The battle entranced me, the movement, emotion, and colors made it that much more interesting. Tony Stark finds them there and finds a disturbing video of Bucky Barnes doing something to his family. This deeply hurt Stark because the people killed were his parents. He wanted to know whether or not Rogers knew about this. Hearing that information that Rogers knew about this made Stark mad and he went after Barnes. Fighting through this base you get different points of view, the view of Captain America and the view of Tony Stark in his Ironman suit. Fighting all throughout this base, seeing sparks and the darkness makes the scene even more emotional and enticing to anyone. 

Captain America: Civil War is a perfect example of a battle of friendships. Whether his friendship lies stronger with Stark or Barnes. Barnes, his childhood best friend, or Stark who he had slowly learned to love. We never get an answer about which friendship is stronger, all this movie does is break up the Avengers team. 

This movie was monumental for me, the first time seeing this movie there were so many emotions circulating throughout me. These two avengers made up the foundation of this universe that I have loved so dearly. The film may be about two clashing ideologies but it adds to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s plot. This movie was a great way to push the story into the movies made after Captain America: Civil war. 

I would rate this movie 4/ 5 paws.