The Garden self-titled

Alissa Martinez, Staff Writer

The Garden is the twin duo that formed in 2011 in Orange, CA. The group consists of two brothers, Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. As music-hungry musicians fresh out of high school, the duo worked hard to create fun-spirited music that can be enjoyed by many groups of people. During this process, they experimented until they released an instrumental album, The Garden, in 2013. 

All 12 tracks on the album are short, and each song lasts around 30-70 seconds, which makes the album only eight minutes and 14 seconds long. This being their second album, they were still experimenting to find their own signature sound but still managed to add the flare that they would soon be known to have. Each song has a simple outline with bassist Wyatt Shears and drummer Fletcher Shears both working together to create these unique-sounding pieces of music. You would think that songs with just two simple instruments would sound nearly identical, but you’d be surprised with what they have to bring to the table.

Their heavy and dark songs use lots of fast-playing bass and drums, like off-the-track The Bridge, creating this truly dark and ominous sound. The Airport also has this gloomy and almost spooky-like feel, yet it’s still super catchy and has a very rock and roll sound, which is a bizarre combination, but really interesting and catchy.

Some of my favorites of this album include The Whale Shark, which is so fun and fresh, almost like something that would play in the background of an old 50’s diner. It’s only a whopping 27 seconds, but the guitar riffs and fast drums keep you hooked, wanting more from the twins. A lot of these songs are very fun and really make you want to dance along, like The Crystals and The Sail Boat, which have that same inspiration of 50’s rock and roll but in that fresh new lens that happens to be their rich and special sound. 

Some of these tracks aren’t purely just instrumental; some of these songs include a small number of lyrics, like The Gorilla and The Tractor, which include repeating lyrics and verses. I think this is simply a choice the twins landed on, to make new and old audiences come together and simply enjoy the moment the song comes on and to simply have fun. The two songs definitely have a more dark and menacing feel to them, and the repetition adds that sense of suspense and fear of something bad about to happen. 

All in all, I think this album is a very short and complex listen, and every song has something unique and fun to bring to the table. The Garden themselves are known for their bizarre and risk-taking nature when it comes to creating music, and although this is just a fairly simple album on the surface level, it depicts how much potential the duo has. They were only 17 years old when releasing this album, which shows how new they were to the music scene. It’s fun to look back on this album and see how many more risks they have taken in the past 10 years, and even as a newcomer, you can see the skills that they had to offer at such a young age.

This happens to be in one of my top three albums that the twins have released. If you have a spare eight minutes and want to listen to something out of the ordinary, I highly recommend checking out this album, The Garden. I rate this album 4/5 paws.