Game. Set. Match.

Anna Grace Medlin, Sports Writer

The ball bounces. All noise ceases. Not a single breath escapes from the crowd. Suddenly a point is scored and your team is going to the state playoffs. These are the hopes of the members of the Fuquay-Varina High School’s  men’s tennis team.


“For the first time in a while Fuquay’s men’s tennis team has an opportunity to be in the playoffs,” explained Marshall Wortham, coach of the men’s and women’s tennis teams at FVHS.


Wortham explained that he has high hopes for his men’s team this year. “I think our main goal is to make it to the playoffs,” he said. “We have to win one of four games in order to do so. It looks pretty good. I think this is a really strong team with some excellent players.”


This is the furthest a Fuquay men’s tennis team has made it in over eight years. With strong individual players and an even stronger overall team, it seems that Fuquay will complete one of its most successful seasons.


“I will say our team’s biggest weakness is being overly confident, but I think we will get over that by just keeping our head in the game and focusing,” Wortham explained about his thoughts on the team.


With the assistance of their experienced coach, Wortham, and a drive to win, success is the only option. “I have been playing tennis since high school, and I have been coaching Fuquay’s team for 18 years,” Wortham said.


Not only will Wortham’s skill and knowledge help carry the team to victory, but so will some of the star seniors. “Christian Rice is a senior who’s a two-year starter. He has some real talent, and I think he could really go places,” Wortham shared. “A couple of others are Cooper Boyles and Kaden Negretre. I think they have some real talent as well.” 


With a ferocious drive, a fire in their hearts, and a glimmer of hope in their eyes, the FVHS men’s tennis team will try their hardest to bring home the first victory in over eight years and represent their Bengal pride in the state playoffs. Roll Bengals!