Spring into break with these fun activities


High school students Elizabeth, Ava, Jessica, and Trisha enjoy spring break and share their insta post with their fans. (photo by Hunter Moore)

Dylan Barbeau, Staff Writer

With spring break just right around the corner, students are already forming plans. Some might want to go somewhere else; others might just want to do nothing but watch television and play video games. Either way, it is nice to get ideas from those who have made plans.

One of the more popular things one might do during spring break is to go elsewhere. Popular destinations, such as the beach and pools, sometimes get their first visitors of the year during this time. Some students also enjoy spending time with family.

Dylan Esau, a sophomore at FVHS, plans to do exactly that: “I’m going to Myrtle Beach,” Shared Esau.

Another way people spend their spring break is to travel to somewhat colder climates. Some that may prefer the cold tend to travel more north to see family or just to sightsee in places like Canada or New York. Isabella Mawyer, a junior at FVHS, plans for such a northern excursion. “I will be going to Virginia to visit family,” Mawyer explained.

There are, of course, many other ways of enjoying your spring break. You can go somewhere locally, go for a jog, catch the latest blockbuster movie in the theater, go to work somewhere, or simply just stay home to watch TV and/or play video games.

Carlos Ornelas, an FVHS Senior, has some unique plans for his/her spring break. “I will probably be working,” Ornelas informed.

With spring break approaching closer every second, it is somewhat integral to form your plans for the five-day break, or you could have no plans at all, which there is no shame in that. Just don’t forget your sunscreen.